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The Game Changer

  • Sport Psychology Coaching for athletes
  • Performance Psychology Workshops for Clubs and Organisations
  • Sales and Negotiation Training for Business
  • Mindset Coaching for Corporate Associates
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We Don't Just Focus on The Symptoms, We Dig Deep to The Root of the Problem

If you are feeling stuck and wanted to find a way to improve your sports performance, or wanting to execute your business idea multiple times but keep getting sidetracked, or keep struggle build meaningful relationships at work

You need to stop treating the symptoms, and get to the cause of the problem: Why do you keep doing that?

The Game Changer is a performance psychology consultancy based in London, United Kingdom, serving clients worldwide.

Emotional regulation is the key to success. Most people don't understand how their brain works, and their actions are often driven by irrational thoughts and emotions - which lead to regretful actions and poor decision making.


Understand how your mind works and discovering psychology tools to manage your emotion will give you an unparalleled edge over in sports, business, and daily life.

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The Quality of Your Relationship Determines the Quality of Your Life

Your relationship with others will rarely be healthier than your self-esteem. And the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.

We will have you understand yourself, unravel mental blocks in your head, and teach your practical tools to build rapport with acquaintances in both professional and personal settings.

Our Clients Say

Helena is an elite lawyer working at one of the magic circle firms in London. Before working together, she had a PT and was training 3-4x a week, eating 1300 calories, avoiding potato, banana and desserts, feeling devastated while not seeing results.

Now, she's built up a solid routine and a healthy lifestyle that she absolutely adore, and discovered a way to allow her to have complete freedom of choice of food while losing 6kg and getting a six-pack in two months during lock down.

Helena - Solicitor - London, U.K.


  • Is This For Me?
    Abigail mainly works with 3 types of clients: 1. Athletes that are looking to learn mental skills so they can take their performance to the next level. 2. People who are suffering from low self-confidence and anxiety that are holding them back from performing their full potential at work and relationships. 3. Corporate clients who are looking to learn psychology skills to improve their performance and mental resilience so they can crush their goals efficiently.
  • What is the Amount of Investment? $$$
    There isn't an exact figure right now as we don't know what you need yet. It's like going to get a liposuction from a plastic surgeon, the surgeon won't be able to give you price information prior to the initial assessment where she gets to know you to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Typically, it will be an investment that's slightly out of most people's comfort zone, to give you an idea, typically clients start with a 12-week program, which will be a 4-figure investment. It could be a scary decision to step out of your comfort zone, but 99% of clients were so glad that they took the leap to invest in themselves and lots of them ended up working with Abigail for many years.
  • Am I Going To Get Pressured Into Signing Up For Coaching On The Call?
    No - I won't make you do anything you don't want to do. If we both feel like we are a good fit and that I am confident that I can help you, I will recommend a plan that's going to work best for you. If for whatever reason you don't think my recommendation make sense, instead of saying "I need to think about it", please just say no, or tell me what the real objection is. (I've been doing this for many years now and I know that "I need to think about it" means a NO). If I think we are not a good fit, I might be able to refer you to someone else who may be a better fit.
  • How to pick the right coach/therapist for me?
    1. Their education: Do your research, make sure the person you hire have accredited degree and qualification from well-established institutions. 2. Ask about their therapeutic approach - the traditional way of therapy typically use a more top-down/practitioner-led approach, where the therapist will lead the conversation and direction; other approaches, for example client-centred approach is a more humanistic and the client will be more involved in the decision-making process while the therapist's role is to assist and point clients to the right direction. At The Game Changer, we practice a client-centred approach. 3. Find a good listener: During the initial consultation, use your situational awareness to judge whether the practitioner is a good listener, and pay attention to their communication style and gauge their personality to see if you can see yourself getting on with them. The last thing you want is a practitioner with top qualification but with poor listening skills.
  • Why Should I Do This Right Now?
    1. There will never be a best time to start your self-development journey; life, work, family, always get in the way. "Busy" is just an excuse really, people always find time to do things that they actually want to do. 2. Investing in yourself will incur $$, however, there is a bigger underlying cost if we decide to stay in our comfort zone - the Cost of Inaction (Read Below) 99% of people overlook this important concept: The cost of taking no action As for yourself, I am sure when you choose to hire someone or pay for a service, the cost of investment will be the major concern. I want to flip the script a bit today, and ask you to think from a different perspective. Instead of thinking about the cost of investing in yourself, Think about the cost of making zero progress in the next 6 months. Fast forward to 12 months from now, Nothing has improved, nothing is better, you didn't get in better shape, you are still in the same situation, there is still no sense of purpose in life... No change in daily habits, No change in relationship, Still stuck in a place that is way below your true potential… I want to ask you today - what is the cost of that? Imagine next year this time: You feel good in your own skin, You are excited to walk down the street in your summer clothes because you love the way your look… And you are feeling productive, energetic, getting paid better, having great personal relationship... What would your future self tell you today?
  • How Fast Am I Going To See Results/Improvement?
    Abigail believes that therapy and coaching should work like A&E in a hospital, it should create immediate emotional pain relief in people's life, instead of traditional therapy, often takes months or even years to create the slightest improvement in one's quality of life. Most of the time clients demonstrate a shift in mindset, boost of confidence and improvement in physique within a few weeks.
  • What is Sport Psychology?
    Sport psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organisations Applied Sport Psychology techniques are also highly effective in business settings, helping high-achievers enhance performance and overcome obstacles to achieve their full potential via various mental strategies, such as visualisation, imagery, self-talk, and relaxation techniques

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