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Anika is an employment lawyer working at one of the magic circle firms in London. After her trainee contract and working abroad, she's decided to this is the year where she wants to prioritise her health and fitness.

"Absolutely do it, it's your own health, your own body at the end of the day, you have to take care of it the best as you can."


"With that first step, you really want to go for the best , you want that top quality because you don't want to be doubting if this is the right step or do they (the coach) actually know what they are talking about. You want that certainty when you are investing."

Anika - Solicitor - London, U.K.

Helena is an elite lawyer working at one of the magic circle firms in London. Before working together, she had a PT and was training 3-4x a week, eating 1300 calories, avoiding potato, banana and desserts, feeling devastated while not seeing results.

Now, she's built up a solid routine and a healthy lifestyle that she absolutely adore, and discovered a way to allow her to have complete freedom of choice of food while losing 6kg and getting a six-pack in two months during lock down.

Helena - Solicitor - London, U.K.

Sheryl has gotten fairly unfit due to working from home during the pandemic.

"I looked at my belly and I realised that I look like a pregnant woman", she said. A combination of set back in her personal relationship, the pandemic, and heavy workload has cost her mental and physical health.

Let's hear how we worked together to get her confidence and summer body back!

Sheryl - Architect - London, U.K.

Karen has been going to the gym for years but still lacking a bit of confidence and not quite seeing the results that she wanted. Putting a bit weight on during lock down motivated for her to start investing in her health and fitness.

"I feel confident in what I was doing"

"It does sound like a lot of money at the time, but when you sort of sit back and think about it, it is an investment in yourself, it is not a lot of money, when you get into the gym and you get more confident, it then sort of leak into other areas of your life"

Let's hear how her biggest take away from this fitness journey - confidence, feeling good about herself, and a promotion at work!

Karen - Corporate Tax Accountant - Hartlepool, U.K.

"If not now, when?  If I don't change my lifestyle now, then I'll probably be less and less motivated as the years go"

Giulia is an Italian-born Chinese - food place a huge part in her culture. As a project manager, she was also working very long hours, sometimes she'd sit at her desk doing meetings all day. She's very athletic and have tried a lot of YouTube workout on her own, but still struggle to see the result that she wanted.

Let's hear how she manages to enjoy her pasta and pizza, while building a bubble butt🍑

Giulia  - Project Manager, London, U.K.

“I’ve noticed the difference mentally and physically, especially my posture, I am also feeling stronger every week”

“I feel like you’ve listened, and respected my goals, the whole experience was very positive "

Jennifer had two goals - to get stronger and to improve her posture so she are able to do physical activities like hiking and feel good about herself. It was definitely challenging to start a fitness journey while working extensive hours - we tailored made a routine and eating style that is easy for her to follow and execute. Now she's really happy with her new booty and posture!

Jennifer, Architect, London, U.K.

Claudia took a leap to invest into her fitness journey during pandemic despite lacking a stable income. Growing up being overweight, she has always struggled with her body image. Since she has started her fitness journey, her life has completely changed, she saw the benefit and potential in herself, and now she is building an impressive property portfolio and recently opened her own restaurant in Tooting!

Let's hear about her experience and her biggest takeaway so far

Claudia - National Account Executive, London, U.K.

Stephanie dropped 16.5lbs in less than 12 weeks during lock down despite her unstable working environment and routine as a geologist

She thought the scale was "BROKEN" when after she didn't weigh herself for 4 weeks.

Let's hear how she strive the perfect balance between her workout, diet and frequent work trips

Stephanie - Geologist, Alberta, Canada

Ashley has been doing a lot of internal work for personal growth last year during covid. Yet her diet has still been the one last thing that she couldn't sort out no matter what.

Let's hear how we worked together to help her completely revamp her eating habit and routine so she dropped 5lbs and 3 inches off her waist within the first 6 weeks

Ashley - Graphic Designer, California, U.S.A

Sophia went from eating 1200 calories/day, working out 4x week seeing no results, to eating more while getting two dress sizes down, becoming a confident women and absolutely loving and appreciating her body.

Let's hear how she manage to eat filipino food and get in the best shape of her life.

Sophia - Law Student/Lecturer - California, U.S.A

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