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Workshops for Gyms, Clubs and Organisations

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Psychology Workshops

- Sport Psychology
- Sales and Negotiation
- Performance enhancement

Abigail runs workshops and talks for clubs, sports team, organisations, schools, and companies. These can be off the shelf on key issues that arise regularly or uniquely designed for issues that are currently holding back your athletes.


Sports and Performance Psychology techniques do not just help athletes. They can help anyone who are ambitious and are looking to achieve more than average in life. Abigail is experienced in working with partners, directors and senior associates in some of the world-leading architecture firms, big four accounting firms, and magic circle law firms. Workshops can help team members understand themselves better, improve leadership and communication skills, and really bring together teams that have not been connecting well to help them focus on areas so they could be more productive and generate more revenue for the business.

Abigail is known for her public-speaking skills and is experienced in delivering workshop in a fun, engaging manner. She also works privately with entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to improve their negotiation skills, feel more powerful, purposeful, efficient and fulfilled in their role. If this sounds like you, book a consultation below.

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