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The Game Changer is run by Abigail Siu. She is Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training registered with the British Psychological Society, working with those in sport, corporate and business to help them overcome their roadblocks to success so they can feel great about themselves physically and mentally to crush their goals.


Abigail has background in fitness, life coaching, and entrepreneurship. She attended the University of Hong Kong for her Bachelors Degree, major in Psychology and Neuroscience. She then attended University of Roehampton for her Masters Degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology, graduating with merit, her research project focused on disordered eating behaviours among male recreational weightlifters.

She has competed Karate at national level, Hockey at collegiate level, and is currently training in Brazilian Jiujitsu under ADCC European Champion Ross Nicholls.


"It has always been really important for me to have the highest standards possible, including my education and my sports performance."

What makes my practice special is how I really care for my clients. I practice a client-centred approach - which means that I believe clients know themselves the best, and, as a practitioner, it is my job to listen to what they truly needed help with, and act accordingly to assist them to connect the dots and reach their goals."


A great therapeutic result is a commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to details, exceptional listening skills, and an elevated empathetic pair of eyes.

I have a relentless pursuit of perfection and demand only the best possible results for my clients, physically and mentally. You only have one brain, when it comes to your well-being, you deserve the best support you can get."


​My story started off quite typical, I secured a well-paid management trainee position at a corporate job fresh out of university. But I ended up leaving after working there for a year, because I felt like I didn't fit in and I knew I was meant to do something bigger. Since then, I have moved rom Hong Kong to California, to Vancouver, to London.

I've always have an immerse passion in fitness and human psychology, I am very curious about why people think certain ways, and am very passionate about bringing out the best of people to help them fulfil their full potential. Moving countries by myself multiple times has been incredibly challenging, but such incredible experience also granted me a unique sense of flexibility and understanding among difference cultures, societal expectations, and people's different ways of thinking. That gave me a strong advantage when working with clients from all around the world from different culture backgrounds.

People always call me brave, but I think it’s not just that, I have a relentless pursuit of perfection, and I never take no as an answer.


Very few people know that I have been bullied, made fun of, and looked down on when I was a kid, as I was quite chubby back then. I suffered tremendously with low self-esteem, and struggled to take control over my weight and to love my body - now looking back, all those hardships made me so strong and resilient today.

Most of the credit goes to my fitness journey and my education in the field of psychology - which made me physically and mentally strong.


Being physically strong has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to do things beyond what a normal person would have imagined.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but if you have been thinking about doing something for a while, 

Whether it’s investing in yourself, working on your fitness, starting your own business, walking away from a toxic relationship, quitting a job that you hated, or even confessing to someone that you love…

Do it.

Because do you know the opposite of action?

It’s not inaction.

It’s procrastination.

99% of people overlook this important concept: The cost of taking no action.

As for yourself, I am sure when you choose to hire someone or pay for a service, the cost of investment will be the major concern.

I want to flip the script a bit today, and ask you to think from a different perspective.


Instead of thinking about the cost of investing in yourself, think about the cost of making zero progress in the next 6 months.

Fast forward to 6 months from now,


Nothing has improved, nothing is better, you didn't get in better shape, you are still in the same situation, there is still no sense of purpose in life...


No change in daily habits, no change in relationship, still stuck in a place that is way below your true potential…


I want to ask you today - what is the cost of that?

Imagine next year this time:

  • You feel great in your own skin,

  • You are excited to walk down the street in your summer clothes because you love the way you look…

  • And you are feeling productive, energetic, getting paid better, having great personal relationship...

What would your future self tell you today?

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