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The Game Changer is a sport and performance psychology consultancy based in London, United Kingdom, serving clients from all around the world. We teach you skills you need to excel when you perform, whether it is in sport, in business, fitness, or interpersonal relationships.

There are four different areas that we specialise in:

  • Sport Psychology Coaching: Struggling with confidence and performance anxiety? This is for you. Whatever your sport is, learning scientific-based psychological skills can ensure you train and operate at the highest level to maximise your potential and perform exceptionally to achieve your goals.​​

  • Workshops for Clubs, Sport Teams and Companies: Running performance psychology workshops can effectively educate athletes and team members essential mental skills to boost productivity and performance. Abigail specialises in emotional and anger management in sports, and relational intelligence in business. She is experienced in delivering fun, engaging workshops to sports clubs, teams and companies.

  • Psychology Support for Corporate Associate: If you are feeling stuck in your current position, or you constantly work in a high pressure environment that triggers your anxiety, which has been affecting your performance and holding you back from your full potential, this is for you. We will teach you technique to quickly boost your confidence so you can see immediate improvement in the quality of your life. We believe that mental health support should be like A&E in the hospital, providing immediate emotional pain relief, instead of the traditional way of therapy that often taking months or even years to create the slightest improvement. Abigail has worked with associate and partners from magic circle law firms, BigFour accountancy firms, and major consulting firms such as Bain, BCG and McKinsey.

  • Sales and Negotiation Psychology: Trained and coached by Chris Voss from The Black Swan Group and Eli Wilde form Wilde Influence, Abigail has done plenty of workshops teaching the art of negotiation, these skills are applicable whether you are negotiation a rent reduction or a multi-million dollar business deal.

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