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Psychology Support for Entrepreneurs and High Achievers in Corporate

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Psychology Support for High Performers
(a bit like the psychologist in the TV series "Billions")

If you are currently feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, or that you suffer from anxiety that's starting to affect your daily functioning - you are not alone. A lot of high-performing individuals share the same mental health issues.


Abigail has worked with CEOs from private equity, senior associates from Allen & Overy, Freshfields, Clifford Chance, partners from PWC and KPMG - to help connect the dots, and bring them back to performing at their full potential.

Abigail believes that counselling and therapy should work like A&E at a hospital: to provide immediate pain-relief.


You will quickly learn mental skills to build confidence, set personal boundaries, and figure out your values and purpose so you can see significant improvement in a very shot span of time. Clients are often in so much emotional pain that they need to pick up skills right the way to help them unhook from negative thoughts and emotions. The traditional way of therapy often take months, or even years to see the slightest progress, and oftentimes clients are give lots of "homework" to do after sessions, which undeniable put pressure on the stressful life that they are already living. Abigail practice the Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT) Approach which delivers result effectively and efficiently.

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