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Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day

“Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism”

“Eating breakfast decreases your cravings throughout the day”

“Breakfast gives you energy to get things done and help you focus at work/school”

We’ve all heard something like this before, right?

If you eat breakfast and it suits you, ignore this and keep scrolling, you shouldn’t change.

However, if breakfast isn’t really your thing,

Good News - There is no need to feel guilty about skipping it or force yourself to eat in the morning

Despite the trending belief that breakfast being the most important meal of the day for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle,

It is honestly a myth…

(Well, or an idea promoted by cereal companies)

In certain cultures, breakfast just simply doesn’t work well, different individuals also have different lifestyle preferences, and some people just simply don’t feel hungry after waking up…And that is totally okay.

While some people claim that breakfast is essential for weight loss because it boosts metabolism…

There are plenty of studies for and against the claim,

Which none of those are gonna be quoted or further explained here,

Have a think about this this:

After all, a croissant is a croissant whether is 9 am or 4 pm;

A bowl of cereal has the same sugar content in the morning and at night…

To stay fit and healthy, what’s really important is the calories and nutrients, not the timing of food consumption,

Calories and nutrients = the flour and eggs of the cake

Timing of eating = the icing of the cake

In most cases, not eating breakfast would actually save calories so people are able to enjoy more food later during the day but still stay within their caloric target (again, the timing of eating really comes down to personal preference)...

If the above explanation still doesn’t make sense…

Think about when having a saving goal of $1,000 per month,

Does it really affect the outcome whether $250 is saved across four weeks or $1,000 is put in the savings account in one-go on the first day of the month…?


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