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99% people got this wrong when it comes to fitness:

“I’ll get fit by playing more tennis”

“I’ll get fit if I go running”

“I’ll get fit if I go hiking”

“I’ll get fit if (insert activity)”

The problem with this mindset is that - not only is it incorrect, it’s the worst approach to building a fit and healthy body.

The right things to say are:

“I need to get fit first so I can play better tennis”

“I need to get fit so I can run without injuring myself”

“I need to get fit so I don’t get short of breath when I go hiking”

A client who works as a tennis coach recently came to me to help him strengthen his shoulder and leg muscles,

He looks quite fit but he’s had chronic injuries and pain, as his body was not strong enough to support his active lifestyle (hitting lots of forehand and standing on court 9+ hours a day)...

And just after a few proper training sessions, his shoulder pain is now completely gone, he said he wished he'd started weight-training earlier.

He’s also mentioned that a lot of amateur players hit a plateau in their performance or get injured due to lack of physical training and poor mind-muscle connection.

Another client who’s a Karate athlete in Boston had a similar situation, although she’s practised Karate for over 6 years, she never really felt fully in control of her body.

“I know how to do those techniques, but my body isn't cooperating”.

After strength training for a few months, for the first time in years, she felt that she has finally gained good control of her body, now she’s at her peak, and is ready to take part in the national team selection later this year.

“I wish I had started weight training earlier!” - That's what she said.

The point is - if you want to be better at a sport, the key is to get fit first.

Sporting technique is the icing on the cake,

Having a solid body foundation and strength is the flour and egg to the cake.

This is why weight-training is so important.

And again, having the right tool and guidance cuts the time in half.


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